Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not Your Average Baby Shower!

My sister-in-law definitely breaks the mold and is her own person! We love her for it! She is pregnant with a baby boy right now and I planned her shower. Being that she is so individual, I knew that a shower of train, planes and automobiles wasn't going to fly with her! So I threw her a "ROCK THE CRADLE" shower with electric guitars and skulls and instead of name tags, everyone had V.I.P. passes. It was sooo much fun! It suited her so well!

This is the cake I made. The guitars are made of modeling chocolate. and I made a dozen cupcakes in her favorite flavor too. Coconut/lime with lime cream cheese frosting. and I used an edible transfer of sheet music on the chocolate triangles to keep within the "rockstar"

I also made her this blanket for the baby! It is unfinished in the first picture just so you can see the whole design because the second picture where she is holding it up is partly covered. And for favors I made soap in the shape of skull and crossbones! SO cute!

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