Thursday, August 19, 2010

Baby Farrah Turns One Month!

Baby Farrah is now one month old and in Chinese culture, I am told, it is somewhat of a milestone. So Tiffany (she really is my best customer!) ordered some cookies for the intimate dinner they were having for their beautiful baby girl.

Krista's Wedding Cake!!!

Let me start by saying, my favorite wedding cake I have done to date!! Compared to what we orginally talked about, this cake is nothing like what we planned. I changed the design about a billion times before I came up with the final product. Luckily, Krista is the most amazing, easy going bride ever and trusted my crazy inspirations!
The top tier is chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and the bottom tier is lemon cake with lemon filling and lemon buttercream. The anemone flowers are made of gum paste and modelling chocolate for the black centers. And if you can believe it, the part of this cake that made me the most nervous, were the little black dots! No room for error when you are putting black on white! You can't just pick it off it the dot is uneven or the wrong size! I used a ruler and carefully mark with a tooth pick every 1.5" where each dot would be and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!! I also made 90 cookie favors for the guests in the shape of little heart tuxedos, wedding dresses and big "bling" rings! AND I was a bridesmaid too! Such an honor!
It was an amazing wedding and I was so happy to be apart of it ♥♥♥

Non-traditional Wedding Cake

I love when people want to break out of the ordinary and do something different. A girl I went to highschool with contacted me and said she wanted her wedding cake to be blue with white piping deatails instead of white with blue detailing which is what most people would do.
I love how the white stands out on the blue.

Not Your Average Baby Shower!

My sister-in-law definitely breaks the mold and is her own person! We love her for it! She is pregnant with a baby boy right now and I planned her shower. Being that she is so individual, I knew that a shower of train, planes and automobiles wasn't going to fly with her! So I threw her a "ROCK THE CRADLE" shower with electric guitars and skulls and instead of name tags, everyone had V.I.P. passes. It was sooo much fun! It suited her so well!

This is the cake I made. The guitars are made of modeling chocolate. and I made a dozen cupcakes in her favorite flavor too. Coconut/lime with lime cream cheese frosting. and I used an edible transfer of sheet music on the chocolate triangles to keep within the "rockstar"

I also made her this blanket for the baby! It is unfinished in the first picture just so you can see the whole design because the second picture where she is holding it up is partly covered. And for favors I made soap in the shape of skull and crossbones! SO cute!

Ducks and Bubbles

My friend Tiffany is in LOVE with my carrot cake recipe, she orderes it any chance she gets! And I have to admit, I love it too because I made it myself! No book recipe or family recipe. I made this one entirely on my own! And I assure you, it is not your average store-bought carrot cake!!

But back to Tiffany! She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Farrah! And to thank all the nurses and doctors that helped bring her precious daughter into the world, she ordered some carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for them. I decided to make them extra cute and added some chocolate ducks I made and the sugar pearls, I thought, were a great idea for bubbles!

More Leopard Cupcakes!

Leopard apparently is the new thing to do with cupcakes because I am doing so much of it lately! I made these for the bridal shower or my very close friend, Krista! (keep and eye out for her wedding cake coming soon!)

Wedding Samplers

I love mini cupcakes! I think they are the cutest things on earth! And a great way to sample which flavors you would like your wedding cake to be!