Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Paging Dr.Cheung!

My husband trains with a guy who happens to be a surgeon and his wife ordered this cake for his birthday! It was a carrot cake with cream cheese filling!


Here are some cookies for a lady's 60th birthday. The hair colors are to represent her best friends!

My baby turns 3!!!

Chloe's third birthday!!! We decked the place out princess style. Here are some pics of the party scene and of course we had to have a princess pillow cake!!


Here are just a couple cute cookies. No real story behind them. Just playing around!

Coca Cola!

I had a request for some cookies for a BIG coca cola fan but instead of the company's name, they wanted the recipient's name but in the famous font! And of course I had to do those cute polar bears too!

Another baby bum!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE making these cakes! Because really, what is cuter than a baby's bum?!!

This was ordered from a nail client of mine for her friend who just found out she was having a girl. A few days after she ordered it she asked if she could change the wording to "Two babies are better than one!" because she had found out that SHE was pregnant too!! so I added the fortune cookie with the special fortune inside to surprise her friend!!

The longest name in history!

I definitely should have asked what the name was before I agreed to make this Steelers jersey cake!! It was a tight squeeze but after some adjustments, it turned out quite nicely!

Niayah turns 2!

I can't believe how fast our kids grow up! I know everyone says that but it's so true!

Niayah is our niece by the way. For her special day I did a small coconut cake infused with lime and lime cream cheese frosting. I also did an assortment of cupcakes for the guests. Cupcakes are great for kids parties. Minimal mess, no plates or cutlery to worry about and you don't have to slice and serve for each guest!