Saturday, October 3, 2009


I am a twilight FREAK! I love it! and I got my friend and co-worker, Jess, hooked too! So for her birthday I made a whole basket dedicated to twilight! I had shirts, headbands, pillowcases, etc all made with quotes from the book. bookmarks, magnets and little odds and ends. I got red "Jones" sodas and took the labels off and made my own labels like "Type A", "Type B negative" etc. I also made cookies (of course!). The real highlight though was the photo album that I put together. Remember, I admitted I was a FREAK! haha I went to this website called and added my friend's face to all these pictures (30 something to be exact!) of "Edward" and put them all in an album! HILARIOUS! The present was a success because she said she was so stressed about getting older and the basket made her feel not a day over sixteen! haha SUCCESS!

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