Saturday, October 3, 2009

Badminton Anyone?

My husband and his brother like badminton. No, they REALLY like badminton! They are so competitive and many birdies have been wrecked in the process. And a racket snapped in half too! I told you, competitive!! So for my brother-in-law's birthday I made a chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on the side and an orange/chocolate ganache filling. And yes, the grass took forever!! What was really cute is when we showed up for his birthday I made a point of putting the cake in the downstairs fridge so he wouldn't see it and when we went upstairs our daughter said, "Hi Jason! Mum made you a cake with badminton and grass on it!" It was hilarious! It was our fault, we didn't think to tell her it was a secret! So funny!

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