Saturday, October 3, 2009

2nd Wedding Cake!

I love making cakes....but wedding cakes STRESS me out! There's too much pressure for perfection! (from one else). My sister-in-law's husband's brother was getting married (did ya catch that?! lol) and they asked me to make the cake. The top tier was chocolate cake with mint buttercream and the bottom tier was coconut/lime cake. (by the way I love it that this couple wanted cool flavors for their cake instead of plain old vanilla!) But I wasn't going to chance it on a wedding cake so I used the cream cheese frosting as the filling only and used buttercream for the outside and then covered in fondant. I made white modeling chocolate and tinted it purple to make the roses cascading down the cake and then just did some plain white piping details around the cake. The other thing that stressed me out about this cake was that I was attending the wedding so I didn't want the cake to be served and hear any bad feedback if people were unaware I made it! Luckily there was no bad feedback and it was a pretty cool feeling to watch a professional catering company cutting up and serving your cake! Making a wedding cake is kind of like having a baby. you go through all this stress and worry and concern and then after it's all said and done, you forget the bad stuff and want to do it all over again! I guess that's the miracle of cakes and childbirth! haha!

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