Saturday, October 3, 2009

Guess What? Another Baby!

I got asked to do this baby cake and I have to say, I love the look of the baby bum poking out of the blanket! I was asked to incorporate stars as "Nova" means something to do with stars so I put them on the blanket! I loved the fondant buttons and overall I really like how this cake turned out! Makes me wanna have another baby! (don't tell James!)

God Bless The 9ST Piping Tip!

I love this thing! This piping tip makes me want to go back and re-do any cupcake I've ever made! Look how perfect this icing is!!

The Sailor Cake!

They sure don't make it easy on me! It was requested that a sailor and a mermaid be on the cake! So The sailor is made of rice krispee and covered in fondant. The rock that the mermaid is sitting on is cake covered in fondant. The torso is obviously a barbie torso and the tail is made of modeling chocolate. I try to make everything edible but this time I had to suck it up and use a barbie!

Ahoy Matey!

I got asked to do some cookies and a cake for someone's 27th birthday. It was a sailor party and it was all going down on an actual boat! I love when I get to do new things! So here are the cookie favors I made! I love the sailboats!

More babies!

I told you! babies poppin' out
everywhere! These baby cookies turned out pretty cute though!

Babies, Babies, Babies!

Is it just me or does it seem that people get pregnant all at once? I swear when I was pregnant so was everyone else and their dog and there was a big baby boom. Well I feel like there's another one going on right now! So many baby cakes and cookie jobs lately! This one was pretty cute though! Vanilla cake and cupcakes with Butterscotch Buttercream! mmm! The prego woman sitting on the top of the cake was made entirely of modeling chocolate!

Champagne Birthday!

My other friend and co-worker, Kelsey was turning the big 2-1! haha So for her champagne birthday what better than a champagne cake? Literally! I made it with pink Fresita champagne and tinted the cake pink with pink strawberry icing. The Bucket is the cake part and the champagne bottle I made with a chocolate mold and then used lustre dusts and vodka to make it shimmer! I scored the top to make it look like the foil at the top of the bottle. The "cloth" draped around it is just fondant and fondant stars shooting out of the cake! All edible!

Badminton Anyone?

My husband and his brother like badminton. No, they REALLY like badminton! They are so competitive and many birdies have been wrecked in the process. And a racket snapped in half too! I told you, competitive!! So for my brother-in-law's birthday I made a chocolate cake with chocolate shavings on the side and an orange/chocolate ganache filling. And yes, the grass took forever!! What was really cute is when we showed up for his birthday I made a point of putting the cake in the downstairs fridge so he wouldn't see it and when we went upstairs our daughter said, "Hi Jason! Mum made you a cake with badminton and grass on it!" It was hilarious! It was our fault, we didn't think to tell her it was a secret! So funny!


My husband and I are both really into tattoos! He has full sleeves and I may have a few too! When I was in England over 4 years ago I got a tattoo and I've kept in touch with the artist who did it. He recently opened his own shop and as a surprise I packaged up some tattoo-themed cookies and sent them in the post to his new shop address! He was so surprised and amazed (as was I) that they arrived virtually untouched without any breakages! That's saying something!

Simple But Yummy!

I almost forgot! I made my friend a cake too! As much as I would have loved to do a twilight's a bit extravagant for one person! I just made this simple strawberry and whip cream torte. Simple but delicious!


I am a twilight FREAK! I love it! and I got my friend and co-worker, Jess, hooked too! So for her birthday I made a whole basket dedicated to twilight! I had shirts, headbands, pillowcases, etc all made with quotes from the book. bookmarks, magnets and little odds and ends. I got red "Jones" sodas and took the labels off and made my own labels like "Type A", "Type B negative" etc. I also made cookies (of course!). The real highlight though was the photo album that I put together. Remember, I admitted I was a FREAK! haha I went to this website called and added my friend's face to all these pictures (30 something to be exact!) of "Edward" and put them all in an album! HILARIOUS! The present was a success because she said she was so stressed about getting older and the basket made her feel not a day over sixteen! haha SUCCESS!

50th Wedding Anniversary

One of my friends asked me to make some cookies and a cake for her grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary! The cake was vanilla with a raspberry jam filling. The roses, pedals, vines and leaves were all made of white modeling chocolate and I went in with some edible gold dust and some vodka and painted the gold detailing.

2nd Wedding Cake!

I love making cakes....but wedding cakes STRESS me out! There's too much pressure for perfection! (from one else). My sister-in-law's husband's brother was getting married (did ya catch that?! lol) and they asked me to make the cake. The top tier was chocolate cake with mint buttercream and the bottom tier was coconut/lime cake. (by the way I love it that this couple wanted cool flavors for their cake instead of plain old vanilla!) But I wasn't going to chance it on a wedding cake so I used the cream cheese frosting as the filling only and used buttercream for the outside and then covered in fondant. I made white modeling chocolate and tinted it purple to make the roses cascading down the cake and then just did some plain white piping details around the cake. The other thing that stressed me out about this cake was that I was attending the wedding so I didn't want the cake to be served and hear any bad feedback if people were unaware I made it! Luckily there was no bad feedback and it was a pretty cool feeling to watch a professional catering company cutting up and serving your cake! Making a wedding cake is kind of like having a baby. you go through all this stress and worry and concern and then after it's all said and done, you forget the bad stuff and want to do it all over again! I guess that's the miracle of cakes and childbirth! haha!

A Lesson Learned!

I don't know what I was thinking. I know better. However, it was requested that I make my favorite recipe of coconut cake infused with lime and lime cream cheese frosting. This is the most amazing cake in the world! I love it and so does everyone else. But to get the whole experience you have to have the cream cheese frosting. Now, there is a golden rule that you don't use cream cheese as the frosting if you are doing a tiered cake. However, I couldn't sacrifice the taste so I went for it anyway! The reason why you don't use cream cheese as the frosting is that it isn't stable enough to support the weight of the top tier(s). It will just slide all over the place. Not to mention this was the summer and it was HOT outside so we had the melting factor to think about too! Luckily there is no disaster story here but let me tell you my husband booked it to the restaurant and got it in the fridge FAST! The other thing with cream cheese frosting (or at least my recipe) is that you can't get that beautiful smooth finish like you can with buttercream. Oh well, it was still pretty and I made modeling chocolate and wrapped it around which added a nice touch.

Deep Bay

My mom owns a place up in Deep Bay and every year there is a big party at the beginning of summer for the opening of the campgrounds. My mom asked me to do a cake and some cupcakes. I'm not going to lie, I assumed it was just going to be about 25 people or so but when she told me there was going to be about 150 I thought I better go back to the drawing board and re-think my dimensions!! I ended up doing some lemon cupcakes with lemon filling and lemon cream cheese frosting with little chocolate anchors on top. (Delicious). And for the cake I made a 12"X18" sheet cake that was about 5" high!!! (It weighed a ton!) It was vanilla with Bavarian Cream filling and Italian Buttercream on the outside. The shells were chocolate, the sand bucket was made out of rice krispee square and covered in fondant. I used graham crumbs for the sand and chocolate rocks. Everything on this cake was edible!! My favorite part is the fishing net! The cake was a hit and was devoured by all the guests. No leftovers!!

My First Wedding Cake!

Okay, safe to say I was a bit nervous! My first wedding cake and it's not like it was little! Three big tiers and the client didn't want fondant on it so I couldn't hide any imperfections behind that! I had to make Buttercream look flawless! Well, it wouldn't be me if I didn't make it difficult for myself! Lol! I was really happy with how it turned out and so was the client! I used my favorite chocolate cake recipe that tastes more like a brownie than cake and Vanilla Italian Buttercream with Chocolate fondant circles!

Chloe's Dance Recital!

Back in June my daughter, Chloe had her first dance recital! It was so adorable watching all these 2 year olds dancing around on the big stage at UVIC! And they did better than some of the big kids! No fear at that age I guess! Lol! I didn't put her in any summer dance camps so that was it until September so I decided to make some dance-themed cookies for her teacher!

Break-Up Cookies!

Okay, I might possibly be the world's worst for updating this but here goes! Earlier in the year (lol), I made some break-up cookies for one of my best friends. Who ever said cookies had to be for happy occasions?!!