Friday, January 2, 2009

A Cake To Make Me Proud!

My beautiful friend Holly asked me to make a cake for her Grandpa's 80th Birthday. She wanted a beach theme and for me to somehow incorporate this huge boulder that is a family sentiment. I didn't know how pretty I could make a giant rock look but I was up to the challenge! This cake is probably my best one yet because it took the most skill and it turned out beautifully. I made a Vanilla Sponge cake and layered as well as covered it in Maple Italian Buttercream. Everything on this cake was edible! I made the rock and the driftwood out of rice krispie squares, covered in fondant and then painted with food coloring and vodka. All the shells, sand dollars, starfish, etc. were made out of white chocolate that I marbelized milk chocolate into and then painted with food colorings and edible shimmer dusts. For the sand I used Graham crumbs and even the little pebbles were chocolate! I absolutely loved this cake and to be honest, was sad to let it go! Her Grandpa loved the cake and one of the relatives even saved the rock off of it!!

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Eva said...

Wow that cake is gorgeous Abby. Way to go!