Friday, January 2, 2009

Also For My Niayah Papaya ♥

Now, for those of you that don't know my sister in-law, she makes sure Niayah only eats the best food. And it's worked to their advantage because Niayah will choose water over juice and veggies and fruits over the typical snacks we tend to throw at our kids to keep them quiet (I'm just as guilty!) She likes the strangest foods for such a little girl! Most kids won't go near the stuff she eats! She eats salmon, olive bread and aged cheddar cheese just to name a few! They try to feed her as much organic as possible and limit the sugar as well so a chocolate birthday cake was kind of out of the question! Being the accommodating Aunty that I am, I made just for her, angel food cupcakes with a fresh strawberry cream cheese frosting and then piped little scroll "N's" out of chocolate to top them off! They were really good and she didn't have to miss out on cake!

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