Friday, June 20, 2008

Our Second Child

Her name is Molly! She is my brand new Kitchenaid Professional Series Mixer! 475 watts of cake making bliss! There will be lots more to follow now that this baby is in my kitchen! Thanks Mum and Dad!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pulling And Blowing Sugar

Now THIS was a TASK! I signed up for a 6 hour course to learn how to blow sugar. It might have helped if I had gone to the beginner class and learned how to pull sugar first. But you know me, gotta throw myself in at the deep end! I got a little frustrated and didn't end up taking much home as most of my work wasn't good enough by my standards. I was mainly just frustrated that I wasn't "stop-me-in-the-street-because-I-was-born-to-blow-sugar" great at it! But I did have fun and I learned a lot. It's hard to believe that all this entails is sugar, water, glucose and a lot of heat! Here are my two pieces that I took home! My apple and my bow!