Thursday, May 22, 2008

My First Attempt

I had made birthday cakes before, for family and friends, nothing out of the ordinary though. And I'm not going to lie either, I used a no-fail method that my trusty friend, Betty Crocker, taught me! I had never used a piping bag in my life when I stepped into my first class. Everyone else there seemed to already have prior experience of some sort. I was in way over my head. But nothing ventured, nothing gained. If I wasn't the best at it, oh well. At least it was a few nights out of the house for some social interaction. But we all know that I HAD to be the BEST at it! That's just me! Surprisingly, it went well. I learned lots and I felt confident that I could stick to it and improve my skills. Here is the first cake I did on my first day of class. Just a simple vanilla cake with Italian Buttercream on top and in between layers. The rainbow was done with a star piping tip, and my daughter's name piped underneath.

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